The Next-Gen GUI based Dank Memer autofarm





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• GUI Based autofarm to ease the process of editing settings
• Extremely easy-to-use interface with tooltips
• Fully compatible with the new Dank memer rewrite
• Fully supports Dank Memer new captcha system with 100% success rate
• Ability to add over 100 accounts and autofarm with them at once
• Compatible with all components, buttons, and dropdowns in the bot
• High configurability; Tons of options and lots of commands to choose and to use.
• Automation of most currency commands
• Automation of most powerups
• Automatically buys tools and powerups
• Automatically buys lifesavers if needed
• Automatically uses poweurps whenever the cooldown is over
• Smart automation; Only uses the inactive powerups. Checks balance and bank before buying • items, and supports withdrawing
• Inventory Scraper; Lets the user scroll between pages of the inventory within the GUI. Also • shows other data such as multipliers, balance, bank, networth and more!
• Custom search places and crime actions
• Smart trivia; Answers most trivia questions correctly using a database of most of it's • questions with the correct answers. Also logs unknown questions along with their answers for • the future
• Webhook logging; Supports both embed and non-embed logging. Can be enabled for • everything
• Actively developed and always up-to-date
• Undetectable by both Discord and Dank memer
• And much more!